[s]mileage speedometer tee
[s]mileage speedometer tee

[s]mileage speedometer tee

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"Story Behind Every Shirt"

If going through life could be represented as driving, society has done a great job at cultivating speed and hustle, and encouraging going pedal to the metal in competition to surpass others. Especially in the city, we tend to follow this norm and try to accelerate through life, enforcing the belief that slowing down is bad. Life moves at different paces. Be a good driver, slow down for curves and speed bumps life can throw at you. Be perceptive, considerate, and safe with others. Think about who is sitting in your vehicle as you cruise through life, as those who fill those seats are your close relationships. Pick who rides with you, party in your car, and #PutInThatSmileage.  

  • Cream Unisex Bella + Canvas T-shirt (100% cotton)
  • Eco-friendly manufacturing
  • Purchase includes a Smileage laptop sticker
  • A portion of the profit goes to Stella's Place Fitness and Wellness Program
  • Proud local-based tee representing our city