Our Partner


We chose to work with Stella’s Place because we connected with their story and how it started. We like how it is local, intimate, and aligns with our values. Our focus is high school students and university students, and so partnering up with Stella’s Place is perfect because they directly support 16-29 year olds.  We both know the degrees to which youth specifically handle and are affected by the stress and anxiety that comes with workload, independence, social life, or feeling overwhelmed. Stella's Place provides counselling, yoga, and an amazing peer support team who will welcome you with open arms. Another unique component of their services is their Café, which demonstrates to be an excellent example of how a warm atmosphere and versatile setting can be implemented.  Entering a space for the first time to ask for support is often a challenging experience. For many, this first step is the hardest. At Stella’s Place, their Café is their signature space, their “front door” to support, where young adults can access mental health services at their own pace.

Inspired by our common vision of coping through physical fitness, and raising awareness of mind and body interconnectedness for the complete well-being of a human. It is [s]mileage's official goal to donate $5,000 to Stella's Place Fitness and Wellness Program.


For more information, visit https://stellasplace.ca/